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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Open letter to an Interstate Child Stealing Ring, pt.1

To Evelyn Taylor, David Holiday, Tony Micheletti (Oregon), Chris and Kory Wright, Steve Nielson, (Utah), et al:

You kidnapped my children from their home with their grandmother and I near Hillsboro, Oregon and took them to a series of locations in at least three states.

You took them out of their schools and put them directly into danger, stripping them of friends, family and home in the process. It was a deliberate, evil act.

You used your positions of authority in your church to control them and burden them with conflicts you would never have visited on people you love. Let us be clear—you did not do this out of love.

The conflict left Aaron scarred physically and emotionally, and his blood is on your hands, each of you.

You forced four innocent children to reject their own family because you needed them to cover your guilty, criminal asses. And you still do, nearly eleven years later.

Your criminal conspiracy continues…you continue to bleed this family of time, money, opportunity, and in Aaron’s case of life itself….

Now you have hired lawyers whose sole job is to stand between my son’s medical and school records and me.

I cannot compete with your financial resources. That is no secret. You can hire lawyers for years and years, as you already have, and I can do little about it.

But I can write and publish the truth, and you will have to deal with that.

Unfortunately, the statute of limitations has run on your crimes, so none of you are facing prison time. None of you are facing the criminal sanctions you so richly deserve. I hope you are driven out of your homes with pitchforks and shovels.

Your debt to the Cruz family—and to society—is as permanent as the damage you have inflicted. You deserve every piece of bad news coming your way.

The passage of Aaron’s Law (Senate Bill 1041) does bring an element of justice, although each of you are exempt from its reach due to the statute of limitations, but it does not bring closure. Closure will only occur when the Cruz family is reunited, and not one day before.

Tony Micheletti—you impotent slab of lard—you will be the subject of Open Letter, pt.2, coming soon.

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