Thursday, May 10, 2007

Oregon Senate Passes 2nd Towing Reform Bill

The Oregon Senate passed major towing reform legislation on unanimous votes for the second time today!

Senate Bill 431, carried by Senator Avel Gordly, passed on a 27-0 vote this afternoon, with three Senators excused from the floor on legislative business.

Earlier, on April 23rd, Senator Gordly carried Senate Bill 116 to a unanimous 30-0 vote.

Both bills will be heard in the House Consumer Protection Committee, chaired by Representative Paul Holvey.

Passage is certain.

The unanimous Senate votes illustrate vividly the negative impact that patrol towing has had in Oregon. Patrol towing is illegal in many other states, including California and Washington.

More on this later.

On a related note, a month has passed since Hacienda Community Development Corporation's patrol tower stole my van, and I have heard nothing from those people in the form of an apology.

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jim said...

why should'nt private property owners have the wright to have unauthorize vichles removed from our property with proper signage that are illegaley parked in the first place removed when ever they are trespassing?