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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oregon Kidnapper Kory Wright located in Vancouver, Washington

Portland--Years, long years after the statutes of limitations have expired on the crimes Kory Wright, Evelyn Taylor, David Holiday and others committed in the course of kidnapping my four children from Oregon and hiding them in Utah, a simple Google search has turned up one of the kidnappers.

Nearly 13 years later, the Cruz family remains shattered and my son Aaron is dead.

The kidnapper’s name is Kory Wright. He is employed at Columbia Ultimate, according to the company website, right across the river in Vancouver.

Kory Wright committed a Class “B” felony under Oregon law when he and his wife Chris participated materially in the abduction, violating a valid joint custody order.

Later, he committed perjury along with the others.

Their motive in the beginning was a good, old-fashioned shunning, but once they started the scheme in motion, once they crossed that line into felonyville, they had both their criminal behinds and their reputations to protect, and my children to use as weapons.

"When you set in motion a chain of events, a perpetrator of a crime is responsible for every single thing that follows from that chain of events no matter how distant." (said a Philadelphia District Attorney in a recent case where a police officer died from his wounds 40 years after they were inflicted, and now its a murder case)

No statute of limitations on murder cases.

But in Oregon the statute of limitations for child abduction, in cases where one or more of the abductors are known to the child victims, expires three years after the crime first occured.

This is the law even if the kidnappers keep the children longer than three years. All they have to do is make it through the first three years without getting caught.

Even if the police never bother to follow up and investigate the crime, after three years the kidnappers are home free.

A kidnapping is not like a holdup. A kidnapping runs 24-7, and it runs forever.

Kory Wright made the Utah arrangements. He was in charge of where my children were taken to.

Evelyn Taylor and David Holliday used their postions through their church offices and through their church seminary program in the Hillsboro School District to influence my children directly.

And they definitely knew about the joint custody order.

They played their roles in the taking of my children from the state.

I later learned that all of the children's mail was forwarded from their former home in Hillsboro to Evelyn Taylor, and not to where they were holding the children in Utah.

My children disappeared on February 12, 1996. Aaron's birthday was March 21. I had no firm information where my children were, who had them, or where they might be headed next, not even an address to mail my son a birthday card.

I mailed Aaron a card to his last known Hillsboro address, but the card went to Evelyn Taylor instead.

Class "B" felonies.

More on this later.

In my next post on this issue, thanks to scan technology and the internet, I will post Kory Wright’s sworn affidavit along with some explanation for the benefit of the reader.

This is what he looks like now, according to the Columbia Ultimate website:

Kory Wright Vice President of Associate Excellence

As vice president of associate excellence, Kory oversees recruitment and human resources as well as internal training and learning initiatives for the company. He also served as a new business development manager in early 2006.

Bringing over 20 years of sales management and operations experience, Kory was previously the chief operations officer for Simply Right, a movie theater cleaning business in which he was responsible for revenue and expenses for a $6 million business with operations in eight states with over 300 sub-contractors. He has served as president for Wright Angle Ventures, Inc., and Healthware, Inc. He also served as a consultant for The Intelitech Group and was previously with Columbia Ultimate in the mid-1980’s spearheading sales.

Kory has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Brigham Young University.

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