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Friday, November 30, 2007

Sean Cruz thanks Oregon State Representative Mike Schaufler (D-48 Happy Valley)!!!

Mike, I am telling you, from deep within my heart, thank you!

Mike Schaufler, the only member of the 2007 House of Representatives who never missed a floor vote, believes in me enough that he paid for my website!

Here’s the link:

Paid for by Mike Schaufler for State Representative.

Here's the link to Mike Schaufler's website:

It is going to take a while for me to find all the words I need to express my gratitude to you, Mike…but the time is there, and I have the time, six months of time, to begin with….

Six months until the May Democratic primary determines who will represent Senate District 23.

Six months until the May Democratic primary determines who will attempt to fill the gaping hole in advocacy for our most vulnerable Oregonians that will be left in the Oregon Legislature with the retirement of Senator Avel Gordly.

If the voters of Senate District 23 unite in the May 2008 Democratic primary to select Sean Cruz to represent them in the Oregon Legislature in 2009, then Oregon will have a person committed to living up to the Gordly legacy, working at the same desk in the Senate chamber.

That is the best promise I can make.

Thank you also, Patrick Sieng, for your fine work.

I met Patrick Sieng on a legislative tour of agricultural operations in Eastern Oregon during the 2006 interim. I took the tour representing Senator Gordly’s office.

Here’s the link to Patrick’s site:

Gentlemen, thank you, and let the momentum-gathering begin….

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