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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Support for Oregon annual legislative sessions

By Sean Cruz

Portland--Some people don't much want government to function at all, and in Oregon they are generally unified in opposition to annual legislative sessions.

Any idea that sounds like it might have the effect of reducing the size of government, even at random, has a built-in constituency among the yahoos….

Take the kicker, for example—please….

But what problems do you solve in your workplace or in your life by dealing with them every other year? Only in Oregon and five other states….

The state should have made this move decades ago….

Point to a biennial system that works in the 21st century, and to an example of a right-sized government at any level, and explain how that fits Oregon, there’s a challenge for you….

But some people cannot be reached with a logical argument….

You have to outvote them in November.

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