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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Parentally abducted children speak about their experience, pt 1

Take Root members are adults who were kidnapped as children by family members.

More than 200,000 U.S. children are abducted by family members or persons known to the child each year, every year.

Oregon's Aaron's Law is unique in the nation. Oregon is the only state where the abduction of a child creates a civil cause of action that reaches to every criminal participant in the abduction of a child, whether relative to the child or not.

If Aaron's Law had been on the books in 1995, then criminal participants Kory and Chris Wright would have been deterred sufficiently, no abduction of the four Cruz children would have taken place, and Aaron would still be alive today.

For the record, Kory and Chris Wright are not related in any way to either the Cruz family or to my former wife's family. Their motive was entirely to carry out a Mormon shunning, which continues to this day.

Aaron's Law was written for the Wrights, and for people like the Wrights....

I hope to see Aaron's Law enacted in all fifty states. While the law currently protects children kidnapped from Oregon, it does not apply to any other kidnapping situation.

Abducted children speak about their experience, pt 1

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