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Monday, October 10, 2011

On Mitt Romney and the Mormonism controversy

by Sean Cruz

Portland, Oregon--

My four children disappeared into Utah in a Mormon abduction more than 15 years ago.

Mormon officials in three states conspired to abduct and conceal my kids in a series of remote Mormon enclaves in order to immerse them in a completely Mormon environment, despite an order for joint custody.

Oregon's landmark 2005 kidnapping law is named "Aaron's Law" after my late son Aaron Cruz, who died in Payson, Utah. Aarons Law is designed to remedy several common failures of the criminal and family law systems in preventing and resolving cases of child abduction.

Mormons divide the world into "Members" (Mormons) and "Non-Members" (everybody else), and they carry a huge thin-skinned “Us vs Them” persecution complex that influences their relationships with non-members unlike any mainstream religion in America.

Mormonism’s essential tenets put it at odds with every branch of Christianity on the planet, along with the Mormon doctrine that every other church or belief system is fundamentally evil.

If your child marries into the Mormon church, you can say goodbye to any plans you ever had to see your child’s wedding. The Mormon notion of the family unit and their willingness to sever families based on their membership status should be part of this public policy discussion.

Personally, I’m glad Romney’s in the race. The more people understand the ins and outs of Mormonism, the more will reject it. Bring it on, Mitt!

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Anonymous said...

Mormons consider *ALL PEOPLE* who are not mormon to be "UNCLEAN" and therefore *NOT ALLOWED* to enter the mormon temple. You, (reader), if you are not a mormon, are considered "UNCLEAN" by the church of latter day saints. Furthermore, even if you were a mormon, to be truly "clean" and to gain access to the mormon temple, you would need to wear "SPECIAL UNDERWEAR"!!!

Ahem... while this may seem like a joke, the sad part is that the implications are *SERIOUS!!*. Mormons have CULTivated an atmosphere in which *ALL* people who are "different" are considered to be "UNCLEAN" and therefore, "UNGODLY" OR EVIL!!

The mormon society is a "SECRET SOCIETY" in which all people who are not members are "UNCLEAN" and excommunicated. People who are considered "UNCLEAN" for not being mormons are Bob Dole, the Pope, Rondald Reagan, Michele Bachman, all Catholics, all Jews, all Baptists and the list goes on and on and on...

Jesus was a Jew and therefore NOT ALLOWED INTO A MORMON TEMPLE BECAUSE OF HIS CULTURAL HERITAGE AND RELIGION!!! Wait a minute... Jesus wouldn't be allowed into a mormon temple???

Do you feel comfortable having a members of a Secret Society making choices for the United States of America? I DO NOT!!!