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Thursday, May 31, 2012

RomneyGate looms: The Governor's secret hard drives

by Sean Cruz

Portland, Oregon--

When Mitt Romney left the governor’s office, he took the unprecedented step of taking all of his staff hard drives and the mail server with him, despite the fact that the drives and all of the information on them were the property of the People of the State of Massachusetts.

What was so damaging that he had to take the physical drives, even the mail server of his entire staff? The commingling of State of Massachusetts and Mormon business? Orders from Salt Lake City? Once a Bishop, always a Bishop, as is said….

Those hard drives had serial numbers, are easily identified. Did they all share the same fate? All completely erased or destroyed? Or selected files, which they would all have in common, although in different physical locations on the drives.

There are surely some great stories here….

And then there is the question of backups. Those files have to exist somewhere. If not, it would take an extraordinarily determined and methodical effort to destroy them all.

Someone should start tracking down those former Romney staff members with a video camera, see what they have to say. Will they scramble for cover like arsonists, burglars or Mormon pedophiles and polygamists when confronted by an intrepid investigative reporter?
If elected, does Romney plan to take the White House hard drives with him also? The Holy Grail of the Romney campaign could be to acquire the power of Presidential Privilege....

Only Bishop Romney knows for sure....
RomneyGate looms....

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