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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Senator Avel Gordly endorses Sean Cruz for Senate District 23

Sean Cruz for Oregon State Senate District 23
October 7, 2007 campaign update

1. Oregon State Senator Avel Gordly leads endorsers

Among the community leaders joining the Sean Cruz for Senate District 23 team are:

State Senator Avel Gordly
State Representative Mike Schauffler
Louis Ornelas, Friends of Sean Cruz treasurer
Baruti Arthuree
Andre Baugh
Johnell Bell
Richard Brown
Michael Eagan
Dorothy Elmore
Kevin Finney
Lew Frederick
Sue Hagmeier
Pastor W.G. Hardy, Jr.
Ruby Haughton-Pitts
Isgow Mohammed
Jane Netboy
Anne O'Malley
Oregonian 37
Lupita Salazar
Mikal Shabazz
Bruce Watts
Tim Won
Denyse Peterson-Wickliff

2. Our campaign kickoff event will take place after the November 6 election.

I am asking my supporters to focus their political energy on passing Measure 49 and Measure 50 as a first priority.

There is plenty of time to campaign for the May Democratic primary.

Let’s provide some access to health care for our children with Measure 50, and take a stab at cleaning up the Measure 37 mess with Measure 49.

Kickoff event details TBA

--Sean Cruz


Oregonian37 said...

Not that my name means anything at this point but you got my thumbs up too sir:).

sean cruz said...


thank you. You've made my whole day already.