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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blogolitical Sean supports Portland day labor site vote!

To Mayor Tom Potter and the four city council members who voted for the Voz day labor site contract: Bravo!

I also want to applaud your choice of Voz to administer the project. They are the key to a successful public partnership, and they will do a fine job for the city.

Your support for people who are willing to stand out on a sidewalk in all kinds of weather for an opportunity to do hard labor bespeaks also your good intentions in seeking a way to honor the great Mexican American hero, Cesar Chavez.

I did not support renaming either Interstate or Fourth Avenues, but I did recognize that you were sincere and that you suffered greatly.

May this day labor site prove salve to heal some wounds in the city, and know that they can never take the good that you do away from you.

--Sean Cruz

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