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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It is Joe Anybody here

Portland, Oregon -- This post just came in. So beautifully written and heartfelt, it deserves its own post, not lost at the end of where it came into the blog. Whoever you are, Joe Anybody, you are a giant of a human being. Be sure and look me up in the Capitol. I look forward to meeting you and your son. I'm going to live on these vibes for a little while. --Sean

It is Joe Anybody here

I support you and am sorry that your son had to suffer in the way that he did. I admire your spirit and am honored to have met you. I filmed you briefly at a Peace rally when you had a table set up at the WTO Trade Center here in Portland last summer 2007.

I am also in the PDXpeace group and was in the meeting when you briefly spoke.

Thanks for sharing your life with others, I am hoping that we all can turn this mess around. I feel by you being open and willing to let others know what your needing or doing or are concerned about ...that there is all the more hope for a better world.

My heart is torn to feel the pain you have endured for your children
I had my son stolen from me for over a year when he was 5 ...It tore me up.

I have had him in my custody since I found him (with his mom who was the one to take him to NY to hide)

He is now 15 ...
I just like you, don't want to send him to this damn war.

He walked w/ me in the MLK parade here in Portland a couple days ago, he went with me to the LT. Watada Rally last year in Washington, and other various peace events. I love him so much.

I know you love your children just as much. I am proud of your stance and love for your family

I read about your (sic)kidnapping case months ago in a post ...I think it may of been this blog here.

I can not say how much love and good vibes I am sending your way.

I plan on going to Salem in Feb to protest this fricking war and I am sure I will run into you then if not sooner.

I have to run along.... I just needed you to know I am in "solidarity" with you and want to send my love and peace your way .

Stay strong ..... !
~joe anybody
7:25 PM

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