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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Meet the Sean Cruz for Senate District 23 Campaign Manager: David Linn

Portland, Oregon: Montavilla-born David Linn brings a background in community organizing, strong technology skills, and degrees in Political Science and History to the Sean Cruz for Senate District 23 campaign, not to mention youth and an adventurous spirit!

David Linn was born in Montavilla neighborhood in 1982. He attended Buckman and Vestal Elementary, Binnsmead Middle, and Madison High Schools.

At Portland State University, he earned double B.A. degrees, majoring in Political Science and History.

After college, David became a very active volunteer in his community. He currently chairs the Montavilla Neighborhood Association, after having served previously as Treasurer, Outreach Chair and Vice-Chair of the organization.

Much of his work included using technology to improve communication and participation in the community. He has worked on several previous campaigns, including an effort to bring to Montavilla the first all-volunteer library in Multnomah County.

An avid student of history and a political theorist, he has written papers on many subjects including; the history of the Montavilla neighborhood, and the government of Multnomah County, Oregon property tax measures and their effect on the tax burden, and on the city’s experience with prostitution-free zones.

David is an admitted idealist, dedicated to making our community the greatest in all the world.

Photo: David Linn and Kristen Buus

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