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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sean Cruz for Senate District 23 campaign slides into second gear!

Last week, most of my time was taken up in preparation for and in attending the Joint Ways and Means Committee, which met Thursday and Friday in the Capitol.

On Saturday, I opened my semi-official campaign headquarters at Tupelo Joe’s

On Sunday, I hired my campaign manager. Look for an announcement soon.

Yesterday, on Martin Luther King, Jr. day, I attended the Skanner breakfast in the morning and then the “Keep the Dream Alive” celebration at Highland Christian Center.

During her featured speech at the Highland program, Senator Avel Gordly publicly announced her strong support for this campaign to elect Sean Cruz to stand in the gap for the issues that matter most to Oregonians, upon her retirement from the Oregon State Senate in 2009.

Keep the dream alive.

No one knows better than Avel Gordly what it will take in a legislator to continue the fight on the issues she has championed for years.

You can’t plug just anybody into that spot, to work at the Gordly desk in the Senate chamber.

Tomorrow is the Portland Monthly Magazine photo shoot, here at Jim Pepper House. Look for the feature in the March issue.

OK. We’re into second gear now.

Five years plus of Senate District 23 experience. Check!
Major legislative achievements accomplished. Check!
Semi-official campaign headquarters open. Check!
Steering Committee formed. Check!
Campaign manager hired. Check!
Key incumbent endorsement. Check!
Website and blog cooking. Check!
Fund-raising started. Check!
Continuing to work on behalf of the voters of Senate District 23. Check!

Send me a check!

Make the check out to: Friends of Sean Cruz
Mail to: POB 30093, Portland, Oregon 97230
Oregon state law requires you to identify your occupation and employer.

This race is a sprint to May 20.

I need your contribution long before then.

This campaign is leveraging internet resources to reduce costs and redefine campaign fundraising practices.

Here is my premise: If I can reach you electronically, then I don’t need to reach you on television or in bulk mailings, which means I don’t have to raise funds for either medium.

This is your opportunity to enact change and reduce the influence of special interest groups.

Thank you for your support. Please pass this message along to your lists.


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