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Saturday, February 04, 2017

The Trumpian Catastrophe Unfolding: NO Inauguration NO Coronation NO Junta NO Trump

By Sean Aaron Cruz
published January, 2017

The Constitution does not have a solution for the Trumpian Catastrophe, and the overwhelming majority of Americans will never accept this loathsome caricature of a man as President.

We will never accept Trump's assumption of king-like powers, or hold him immune from releasing his tax returns and every other last vestige of traditional Presidential accountability. We cannot allow him to assume the powers and protections of Presidential Privilege that go with the most important job on the planet.

We are in the greatest Constitutional crisis since the Civil War, with a Presidential election tainted by Russian intrusions and pro-Russian factions within the GOP, with the Nation divided Trump/Russia Red and Never Trump Blue, and with a GOP-weakened, short-handed Supreme Court, so far standing silently on the sidelines.

Trump has spent his entire campaign in the safe cocoon of rallies and tweets and his gold-plated real estate empire, but that will all change on January 20.

The parade route and Capitol Mall will be the first opportunity for the general citizenry to express their opposition to Trump and his team, and we will do so.

NO Inauguration NO Coronation NO Junta NO Trump! Never Trump!

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