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Saturday, February 04, 2017

The Trumpian Catastrophe Unfolding: Standing on the Threshold of Open Rebellion

By Sean Aaron Cruz

Published November, 2016

I think that we need to recognize that we are now facing an unprecedented Constitutional crisis with the Nation plunged into a State of Emergency, divided as deeply as during the Revolutionary and Civil War eras and facing unprecedented threats from both without and -- with the elevation of the loathsome beast Donald Trump -- from within.

The Nation is also at risk with a GOP-weakened and short-handed Supreme Court. It is Christmastime at the KGB for the next four years....

With every passing day, Trump demonstrates his unworthiness, unfitness and untrustworthiness again and again. His picks are guaranteed to divide the Nation more deeply and his team's relationship(s) with Russia and disdain for our institutions and the free press are the Clear and Present Danger that cannot be "given a chance" in any respect.

We are standing on the threshold of open rebellion....

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