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Saturday, February 04, 2017

The Trumpian Catastrophe Unfolding: The Assumption of King-like Powers

By Sean Aaron Cruz
January 11, 2017

With the whole world watching, Donald Trump openly declared his assumption of king-like powers on January 11 at his first press conference as the President-Elect, declaring himself above scrutiny by the public, by the legitimate press as well as the IRS, immune to conflict-of-interest issues and laying the foundation of what he believes will be a Trumpian dynasty.

The King can do no wrong – by definition - because he is the King, so says the King….

Broadcast live from deep within the gilded bowels of Trump Tower, King Trump used the podium Mussolini-like, to bully and threaten a too-critical press against the backdrop of a line of flags, while simultaneously doubling down on his affection for Vladimir Putin and disrespect for the Nation’s intelligence and security professionals as well as every category of federal employee wholesale, undermining American confidence in these institutions in the same breath.

America’s adversaries in Russia, China, North Korea and the Middle East are all starting to believe in Christmas, as the man Trump -- this gross caricature of a man Trump -- betrays his incompetence, his broad ignorance and the limits of his ability to understand complex issues every time he opens his mouth in public. 

This American king is openly stupid, they assess. He will behave like the vain, ignorant thug that he is, becoming ever more thuggish as he discovers the practical limits of keeping his ever-shifting panoply of campaign promises and soon-to-be edicts.

For many long minutes, King Trump turned his press conference over to one of his business lawyers and the piles of files he used as stage props to “reassure” Americans that there was nothing to be concerned about here, nothing new to learn and the matter is settled. It's all about deals, she said, deals and deals, very big deals, over and over....

Thus is so, declared the King.

With the looming Trumpian Inauga-Coronation, America turns inward upon itself, splintering into Trump-Russia Red and No-Way-Trump Blue, as it last splintered Rebel Grey and Union Blue, and before that Patriot Blue and Redcoat Red.

We are the generations plunged into the Trumpian Catastrophe, facing the third great threat to the existence of the Union itself. With Trump’s elevation to the Presidency, the Nation is about to undergo a Convulsion, and it will be awful.

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