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Monday, May 19, 2008

Portland election night celebration for Senate District 23

The Sean Cruz for Senate District 23 campaign will celebrate our victory over The Establishment and the gatekeepers in NOVEMBER, when it counts.

Our goals include seats on the Senate Health and Human Services Committee and on a new Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.

From these key Senate committees, I will work directly on expanding the Oregon Health Plan, on mental health, on services for veterans and their families, on taking up Senator Gordly’s championship for our most vulnerable Oregonians.

Some candidates for pubic office seem to believe that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are happening to Other People, Elsewhere, on TV, and that dealing with issues related to the wars is not part of an Oregon State Senator’s job description.

We know differently.

None of the special interests and PACs that have weighed in on the race for Senate District 23 had veterans or war-related issues on their priority lists.

I had to bring the subject up myself in every interview.

There was no debate or forum during the campaign that addressed Iraq, Afghanistan, or the prices our veterans and their families are paying.

That pretty much tells you that they are OK with the sacrifice, with the rates of loss, of injury and death. Someone else’s problem.

I will fight every day for our veterans and military families, working to repair the damage the Bush Administration’s catastrophic policies have inflicted on the Nation.

I look forward to opportunities to speak to the issues that matter most to the constituents of Senate District 23 as the summer unfolds.

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