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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sean Cruz for Senate campaign at NAMI Walk and Barack Obama rally

Portland, Oregon— With my friend Tyrone Waters, we took the campaign to succeed Avel Gordly in the Oregon Senate to the NAMI Walk, and then to join forces with the Barack Obama campaign at the waterfront, 75,000 strong.

Vote the Obama – Cruz ticket,” the throng shouted, over and over, building to a fever pitch by the time the next President of the United States took the stage.

At one point, he divided the crowd into two halves and led a chant, “Barack Obama” from one half, “Sean Cruz” from the other.

I have to admit, his half was louder than mine, but his name has more syllables.

Bob Joondeph of the Oregon Advocacy Center took these two photos.

In other campaign news, Rex got his summer cut, and here’s a couple of photos of Haircut Boy at Forest Park on Friday:

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