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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Voter-Owned Democracy, pt 7:The Williamette Week interview and the answer to the Firefighters endorsement question

Portland’s Williamette Week, or The Paper That Has Never Sent a Reporter to the State Capitol, turned up some information that ought to be of interest to the constituents of Senate District 23.

You can see/hear for yourself here:

Scroll down to the bottom of the main page.

Decide for yourself if you agree with the paper’s endorsement.

You may form a different conclusion.

This is the key to Direct Democracy.

Access to the information; information in context; time to think; time to decide for yourself before you mail those ballots in.

Look for these exciting Voter-Owned Democracy Commentaries, coming soon (all are derived from the Williamette Week videotape):

1. AFSCME-gate: The AFSCME $5,000; Who is Tom Gainer, and why did AFSCME fail to disclose the conflict of interest during the endorsement interview for Senate District 23. What is the value of an AFSCME endorsement after this?

2. The candidate who loves dogs, and the candidate whose union-boss husband doesn’t.

3. What Sean Cruz had to say about veterans, about the sacrifices military families are making, about the case for a Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.

4. What Sean Cruz really had to say about the stupid “tattoo” question.

More Voter-Owned Democracy Commentaries are on the way to your inbox and on the web. Don’t miss these exciting episodes, coming soon:

1. The Interstate Avenue Renaming Committee and the race for Senate District 23. Will the Committee’s secret membership decide who will represent the constituents of Senate District 23? It’s up to you to decide. See “The Revenge of the Avenistas”, coming soon.

2. Why will none of Portland’s current and (possibly) future leaders speak up against Mike Erickson and his racist-based campaign to steal Darlene Hooley’s seat?

3. What Sean Cruz has to say about Mike Erickson, immigration and the unasked Question of Mexico.

4. Senate District 23 and the DEQ Conundrum: The Department of Environmental Quality has been without a permanent Director for nearly six months. The Governor has announced that the DEQ needs an Environmental Champion. Former Senator Brad Avakian turned down the post more than a month ago. Are they holding this post open for Jackie Dingfelder in the event that the voters decide to send Sean Cruz to represent them in the Oregon Senate? Will the search for an Environmental Champion to lead the agency have to turn out of state?

Wow! These are some great questions!

Here’s your link to the Voter-Owned Democracy Commentaries, your ticket to see beyond the special-interest PACs and old boy-old-girl networks that want to ensure their grip on power:


How the Firefighters Endorsement interview turned out: the Answer:

HERE it is! The long-awaited answer to which Senate District 23 candidate received the Firefighters coveted endorsement, the cash and the 1,000 free lawn signs.

Was it candidate “A”?

Or was it candidate “B”?

Here is the link to compare the candidates’ respective qualifications

Candidate “B”: with four campaigns, four firefighter contributions, a letter and a phone call (and a union-boss husband), won the boodle.

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