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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ATTENTION! Veterans, military personnel and families!

Portland, Oregon--No one knows better than you and I what service and sacrifice mean in a time of war.

I have seen both of my sons off to Iraq, and neither has come home in five long agonizing years.

More than five years into the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, bills addressing your urgent needs, your issues, your priorities, are routinely left on the table in the Oregon state legislature due to the lack of a Senate committee to work on them, to give them the focus they need. Without a Senate committee, veterans bills get bottom priority.

I am the only Portland candidate for the Oregon State Senate with veterans issues as a priority!

I am the only candidate for Oregon Senate District 23 with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as a priority!

I am calling for the creation of a state Senate Veterans Affairs Committee to work jointly with the House Veterans Affairs Committee and Governor Ted Kulongoski’s office to improve services to you and your family. I am running to serve on that committee.

Send me there to serve in the Oregon Senate on your behalf!

I have the nonpartisan support of Jim Willis, Director of the Veterans Administration, General Mike Caldwell of the Oregon Military Department, members of the Oregon House Veterans Affairs Committee, Oregon State Senators and many others.

The House Veterans Affairs Committee heard 55 bills in the 2007 session, but only 3 of those came over from the Senate. The House Committee is overburdened with the work and 22 of those veterans bills died when time ran out. Two of your bills passed the House but died in a Senate Committee without a hearing!

I need the support of every Oregon veteran!

The Oregonian on Senate District 23: “Sean Cruz…is qualified for the job….”

Elect Sean Cruz in the May 20 Democratic primary!


Veterans bills that died in the 2007 Oregon legislature:

HB 2013 Oregon Military Family Relief Program

HB 2400A Physician tax incentives.

HB 2522 Veterans' health benefits.

HB 2547 Disabled war veteran benefits.

HB 2577 Oregon Troops to Teachers program.

HB 2771 Licenses issued by the State Fish and Wildlife Commission.

HB 3196A Eligibility of disabled veterans for Oregon Health Plan benefits.

HB 3197A TRICARE program

HB 3199 Oregon National Guard Youth Challenge Program; declaring an emergency.

HB 3200 Oregon National Guard Youth Challenge Program; appropriating money; declaring an emergency.

HB 3202A Modifications of federal taxable income.

HB 3205A Tax credits for veterans.

HB 3237 Veterans' preferences; declaring an emergency.

HB 3305 taxation.

HB 3308A Education benefits for members of Oregon National Guard.

HB 3294A Veterans' services.

HB 3198 Oregon military emergency financial assistance; appropriating money; declaring an emergency.

HJR 52 Proposing amendment to Oregon Constitution” Protests at funerals.

HJR 38 Proposing amendment to Oregon Constitution: State Lottery.

Sean Cruz will see that this does not happen again!

Spread the word! Tell your friends! I will speak to your group!

The cause is urgent! The time to engage is now!

The May 20 Democratic primary is only weeks away!

Elect Sean Cruz for Oregon State Senate District 23!

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