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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sean Cruz wins/holds key blog endorsement

Portland, Oregon--The most gratifying endorsements are those that come from the community, and this support from someone I have never met and whose name I do not know warms my heart.

Not a Well Behaved Woman is an intelligent, thoughtful, well-written blog that deserves to be more widely read.

The author identifies herself as “Oregonian 37” and describes herself thusly:

“I am a non-traditional college student working on my Bachelor's in Social Science and eventual Master's in Education. I am a Texas transplant, and absolutely love the Northwest. Although I do not wear rose-colored glasses to see the world around me, I very much recognize and seek out those who believe that change is possible and who want to raise the level of living for all. I believe that community and mutual respect are key for any and all progress, whether locally, nationally, or internationally. I may someday run for office, and expect to be active in public service for the rest of my life.”

Here’s what she had to say (follow the link to her blog):

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sean Cruz, Senate District 23

It has been several months since I talked about who I endorse for various positions, mainly because I am volunteering on a campaign and find it less complicated and stressful to remain in the background for now. My earlier positions haven't changed, I just don't publically harp on them.

One of the first candidates I spoke about was Sean Cruz, who is running to replace Avel Gordly (who is retiring), in the Oregon Senate, District 23. My initial support for Cruz was based on his connection to Gordly, whom I hold in extremely high regard. Then I began to read what he has to say and about positions that he holds.

After that, his candidacy stood on its own for me. Aside from the fact that he has long-term, direct, SUCCESSFUL experience as a part of the office that he wants to now hold, Sean Cruz has a heart and passion for public service that I haven't seen in a really long time, not even many others that I support.

Save her web address to your favorites.

Thank you once again, Oregonian 37.

Sean Cruz

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