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Monday, April 28, 2008

Portland's #1 Predatory Patrol Towing Horror Story meets the Wheelchair Bandits!

Sergeant’s Towing, one of the patrol towing companies that trespassed on my property and stole my van out of my own driveway (for the fourth time!) as a consequence of their contract with patrol towing kingpin Hacienda CDC, the absentee landlord of the apartments next door, also has a vehicle harvesting operation down at McCall’s on the waterfront that is no joke, if you happen to be in a wheelchair.

Last week, on a warm Sunday afternoon, Sergeant’s towed a clearly marked wheelchair-fitted van from one of the handicap slots in front of McCall’s, leaving my friend Mike Meier stranded in his wheelchair.

Sergeant’s maintains a forest of contradictory signs in the small lot outside McCall’s, which has been closed for a year or more.

Some of those signs require the usual handicap permit displayed on the vehicle, but some of them also require a McCall’s permit, which Mike obviously did not have, since they are impossible to get.

I went down there and took these photos to clarify the issue.

If you think it’s difficult to get your vehicle returned from the sociopaths the patrol towing companies employ to deal with the public, imagine how much more difficult it is for people with disabilities.

Senate Bill 116 and 431, passed in 2007, gives the state and local governments the authority to regulate involuntary towing.

If the City of Portland can’t get around to this, I’ll take care of it in the 2009 session.

If I’m elected to the Senate, count on it!

Meanwhile, I encourage you to contact the Mayor and Portland City Council and urge them to take action now.

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