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Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Oregonian on Senate District 23: "Sean qualified for the job...."

Portland, Oregon--The Oregonian issued its Senate District 23 endorsement on Saturday, noting the dearth of races with more than one name on the ballot.

I received the news in an early-morning phone call from Avel Gordly herself, pleased by the Oregonian Editorial Board’s validation and affirmation of my qualifications to serve as her successor in the Oregon Senate.

The Oregonian stated: “…Sean Cruz, who has served as (Senator) Gordly's legislative aide and chief of staff for the past five years…is qualified for the job. He knows the issues that are important in the district, and he certainly knows how things get done in the Legislature. Most notably, he persuaded Gordly to push legislation, called ‘Aaron's Law,’ that gives families tools to punish parents for the crime of child abduction. “

While the Oregonian gave its official endorsement to my opponent, I appreciate very sincerely their conclusion that I am qualified for the job. Fantastic!

What this means is that Senate District 23 alone offers Portland voters an opportunity to choose between two well-qualified candidates.

It is the only race in town, so far as the Oregon Senate goes….

Yet there have been no meaningful public forums or debates regarding this race, with only 30 days left until ballots are due.

Immigration will certainly be a front-line issue in the 2009 legislature. Anti-immigrant ads are already appearing on television. The race-baiting is out in the open in Mike Erickson’s ads.

Yet there has been no public discussion of immigration issues in any legislative race, or how the candidates might address minority concerns through their office.

Senate District 23, the most diverse district in the state, ought to draw a discussion about this, ought to attract some attention from someone…anyone?

More on this later, much more…. Right now, I’m going to take Rex for a walk, tell him about how cool it is to find yourself qualified to serve in the Oregon Senate printed in your morning paper.

“Arf!” Rex says, “Woof! Arf!”

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