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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Senate District 23 Williamette Week endorsement interview video is on line!

Portland, Oregon--The Williamette Week’s Senate District 23 endorsement interview video is up and on line to help you decide who will carry the work of retiring Senator Avel Gordly forward.

SEE ME, HEAR ME, PICK ME: Endorsement video for state Senate #23

Here’s the link:


Ebay auction update:

Historic Gordly – Obama – CruzThere will be change!” registration pen on Ebay!

Last day to register to vote in the May 20 Democratic primary is April 29!

Here’s the link:

Historic Gordly - Obama - Cruz registration pen – 110244606162

Get your bid in on this affordable item of Oregon history!

The auction closes on April 28!

Use the historic pen to mark your ballot for the Obama - Cruz ticket!

There will be change on May 20!

Elect Sean Cruz for Senate District 23!

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